Face to face meeting

We at Bani Accountants will normally book you an appointment to meet an expert face to face should you wish to. We will briefly tell you what will tell you, and you need to know, and how will help you.

Face to face meeting, is much better, where you can ask as many questions as you want. You might want to take some notes down for yourself. Although, we will send a comprehensive letter of engagement terming and explaining everything in relation to our services we provide you, when you subscribed to one or more. 

Over social media

In this fasting changing age, the age of information technologies, we tend to take advantages of what is there and benefit from. 

We now use social media and other channels of communication to make easier for our clients to be in touch whenever they want. We also have a dedicated team available to respond to clients' queries and concerns. If needed we tend to refer these queries to experts to reply in detail.

Over the telephone

Whilst, a lot of our clients still tend to rely on traditional telephone conversation for shorter conversation and we get them through to right expert after assessing their 



Ethics and code of practice

Our ethics are driven from our values that see each client is our own business to look after. 

We see this client could potentially become as big as a multinational business, employing many people and changing many people lives, etc. 

Businesses are sacred

We see each business entity is a scared entity in the society they operate. It provides bread and butter to its owners, stakeholders and many other dependents. 

We see the potentiality of each client becoming a success story in their fields and in their own communities.

Big firms were small

Many big businesses we see them now started from stalls and tables workshops, such as Tesco, was built by a Jewish immigrant as stalls in London first. 

Dell computers, was setup by Michael Dell who sold computer disks in front of the university, and etc.

30 minutes free advice

We give to anyone up to 30 minutes free advice session to give the benefit of the doubt of a client wants to appoint us his and or his business tax accountants and agents. In this 30 minutes, we will tell you how we work, we need from you, and answer any question you may have.

Your business is ours

We take into account that our clients' business entities are ours. We have this view, because we get paid by them our salaries and expenses. We take into consideration very seriously that we take extra care to our clients needs and queries.

By your side

We as many other accountants feel, you are of very responsibilities to look after your business taxations affairs at times you are through turmoil or through thriving periods. We act like kind of your business doctors to know where you need help, advice, and where you need to act.

Our promise

Switching accountants

An easy process.

To change your accountants is an easy process and if you have a good reason that you need to change your accountants. We will let them know on your behalf to take over your taxation affairs over to us after an assessment is  conducted and passed through our risk assessment criteria, this is taking into account various elements and factors; such as money laundering, ethical reasons, etc.

Our commitments

Engagement of your works.

Our engagement letter, explains thoroughly and in details, where we will brief you with our working relationship and your rights and your responsibilities. When, we decided to take over an appointment, we normally send out a comprehensive letter of engagement detailing our terms how to offer our business services, and your rights and responsibilities, including payment terms.

Our team

Here is some familiar faces of our team members who are there for you to help you and your business be on the right track, keep your business taxation affairs in line with HMRC's rules, guidelines, and regulations.

Jamal Shareef

Practice accountant & manager

Jamal Shareef, is practice office manager, practising accountant who has a vast wealth of knowledge and expertise when it comes to serving clients. Jamal Shareef, is well known for his dedication, commitment and patience with clients. He takes time and listens to clients' concerns and queries. He then makes them at ease and take all the worries from them over to us.

Jamal Shareef, a very committed practitioner and will direct you to be at ease, make you feel relaxed, as he takes your business tax worries over to himself and in collaboration with his team of accounting technicians and payroll professionals.

Jamal Shareef, is always by your side, takes care of every bits of your taxation affairs when he took over, he pays extra attention to deadlines, to correctly compile and file in accurate and complete versions.

Jamal is very wellknown member and visible in his community and clients he manages them.

Rebaz Amin

Accounting technician & assistant

When it comes service, Rebaz Amin is spot on, very patiently listens to clients until they explain their issues and concerns in full. 

Rebaz takes notes and will then in a chronological order answer all your queries and questions the client asked and explained. He will then simplify all the matters and explain to you in a way that would get the grasp of it within minutes.

Rebaz is trained to be by book, and will always follow rules very closely. He will organise clients' tasks and will perform one by one in a chronological order until the whole assignment is completed and filed.

Rebaz acquired special skills how to deal each client in accordance with their needs and he knows to spot their concerns and queries for resolves and settlements.

No one can beat Rebaz for his dedication to how properly and patiently explain stuffs to clients about their tax affairs.

Mohammad Shaban

Accountant Assistant & bookkeeper

Mohammad Shaban, is well known for his patience, dedication and commitment to clients' bookkeeping affairs and business records keeping. Where he has his eyes on details and get things organised to be by books. 

Mohammad refers himself to guides and adheres himself to rules to start performing tasks step by step. 

Mohammad acquired specific skills to know where a client's tax affairs should be put at first when it comes to bookkeeping, how to get them in order in a chronological orders and organising to avoid the last minutes compilations.

Mohammad links clients' bookkeeping software with our practice's accounting software to make it easier for bank reconciles and balance settlements.

He has an eagle eye of spotting things where each should it be and how it needs to be put in orders.

Giedre Naubure

Accounting Technician & Secretary

Giedre, is a very methodical practitioner and reads things as they are in its original contexts. 

Giedre has high level of performance to get things done and conducted in a timed manner to catch up with deadlines the least. 

Giedre acquired essential skills to know where a client's tax affairs are to be put first. She looks after deadlines regularly and chase clients for sending their stuffs to revise them for their approval before they are to be filed to HMRC for their assessments.

Giedre can work as part of an effective team members and can demonstrate her originality to bring about the need of urgency for matters that have higher priorities.

She has an eagle eye of spotting errors and mistakes for internal auditing.

Giedre demonsrated how loyal she can be when it comes to caring a client's tasks.

Nazar J. Sadiq

Accountant Assistant & Manager

Nazar Jamil Sadiq, is a very organised professional and cares about the cores not the appearance. 

Nazar has great senses of business development to generate performance that matches his level of achievements. Productivity and efficiency are of his great traits when it comes to get accounts to be compiled and filed.

Nazar focuses on gathering adequate data and information for this task to be performed to put roadmaps for clients to get stuffs ready in a chornoligical orders to get started with. Because, has a trait of finishing a task without interruption.

Nazar is well known in his management style,. in managing tasks and clients. Nazar has a sense of simpilicity to simply things for clients to grasp what they are ought to have a bit of knowledge.

He has an eagle eye of how to improve for better.

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