Mr. Gharib Bani principal partner & managing director

Senior audit & account manager

Gharib Bani, is self motivated, ethically driven, and committed professional practitioner.

Gharib Bani, has a vast wealth of small business accounting and tax advising experience practically. 

Gharib Bani, holds BSc and two MSc degrees a long with a few of other accounting and tax accounting qualifications.

Mrs. Jihan Alaani practice secretary & bookkeeping assistant.

Jihan Alaani, acquired skills and professional experience in bookkeeping and accounting techniques.

Jihan Alaani, is a fully trained bookkeeper with exceptional eye on details about errors, duplications, repetitions, sequential orders, and has the flair to spot figures that are not well defined.  

When, it comes her work, is checked for internal auditing. Jihan Alaani, cares about clients' business records how to get them in order for compilation and drafting reports.

Jihan proved to be a great team player and can work on her own under mountains of pressures and unexciting climates.

Jihan Alaani, holds HND and bookkeeping certificates along with a degree in business management.

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